Sustainability in ERSTE Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H.

In all of its funds, ERSTE Immobilien KAG pursues a long-term investment strategy focused on creating sustainable value.

Sustainable. Social. For all of us.

All existing properties and projects are subjected to selection procedures based on the documents available prior to purchase. Therefore, properties are also assessed on their social elements, environmental performance and economic efficiency.

However, these factors cannot be considered individually. An evaluation may only be performed if all of the aspects are considered. 


Environmental criteria 

This aspect focuses on the environmental sustainability of individual properties and projects. In addition to the environmental compatibility of the materials, the energy supply is also evaluated in terms of its environmental performance and economic efficiency. 

Sozial Komponente

Social aspect

The social aspect must be considered both from the point of view of the person using the building and from the point of view of the surrounding area. 

It is particularly important for the residents of the building and for the general development of the surrounding area that the building has directly accessible, local supplies, educational institutions and medical care. 

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Economic sustainability

The economic efficiency of the building itself is another important pillar of the comprehensive sustainability concept. 

It is desirable for a property to have a long useful life in order to preserve its value and generate returns over the long-term.

Particular value is placed on a property having different usage options. This means it should be possible to adapt the building design to satisfy a different purpose with a minimum of alterations. 

Strict criteria

In addition to the climate-aktive criteria, ERSTE Immobilien KAG has created its own sustainability catalogue. Alongside the basic economic, technical and legal criteria for purchasing a property, this forms the basis for making decisions about investing in the fund’s real estate investments.

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