Office building

Postal code:   1020 Vienna
Address: Aspernbrückengasse 2
Useable area: approx. 7,200 m²
Date of purchase: 12/01/2010
Current valuation: 19,955,025 Euro (06/2017)


The office- and retail property is located in the best established business district within the 2nd district of Vienna. The property has a letable area of nearly 7,200 sqm and 68 parking spaces and was constructed in 1993. The building is very well linked to the public transport (U1 only a few minutes´ walk) and to the individual traffic (interchange "Praterstern" nearby). In vicinity of the city centre the infrastructural environment with restaurants, stores for the convenience goods and schools is excellent.

Office building "faBricks"

Postal code:   1020 Vienna
Address: Obere Donaustraße 17-19
Useable area: approx. 9,500 m²
Date of purchase: 05/02/2008
Current valuation: 19,230,000 Euro (11/2016)


The "faBricks" office building consists of a brick structure originally built in the middle of the nineteenth century that is now under historical preservation order and two modern structures built during a general renovation in 1991 that are arranged symmetrically at the back of the building. The building is located in Vienna's second district between the Danube Canal and Augarten on Obere Donaustraße, from where the city centre can be reached conveniently by means of the metro line U4 (Roßauerlände station).

Residential building

Postal code:   1020 Vienna
Address: Vereinsgasse 10
Useable area: approx. 1,200 m²
Date of purchase: 09/01/2010
Current valuation: 2,971,500 Euro (12/2016)


The building is located in Vienna´s 2nd district. The building consists of 23 residential units and 12 parking lots. There is an optimal connection to the underground network (U2 station Taborstraße) and numerous shopping facilities are in the direct neighbourhood.   

Residential-, officebuilding

Postal code:   1030 Vienna
Address: Würtzlerstraße 15
Useable area: approx. 7,700 m²
Date of purchase: 15/07/2013
Current valuation: 15,832,154 Euro (01/2016)


The residential and office building is situated in the third district of Vienna. There are also a kindergarten and retail shops on the ground floor. In the basement floor there are 90 parking spaces. The access to the public transport is assured by the metro U3 a tram station.

Residential building

Postal code:   1050 Vienna
Address: Bräuhausgasse 62
Useable area: approx. 1,000 m²
Date of purchase: 07/01/2012
Current valuation: 2,601,000 Euro (01/2016)


The building in the Bräuhausgasse is located in fifth district of vienna and was built in 1994. The property consists of 1,000 sqm useable area with 20 apartments, one retail shop in the groundfloor and 11 parking spaces. Nearby the Reinprechtsdorfer Straße the infrastructural environment with shopping facilities, schools and kindergarten is very good. The metrostation U4 and two busstations are within a walking distance.

Residential building

Postal code:   1050 Vienna
Address: Kohlgasse 44
Useable area: approx. 2,000 m²
Date of purchase: 07/01/2012
Current valuation: 3,425,000 Euro (01/2016)


The residential building (Kohlgasse), situated in the fifth district of Vienna, was built in 1971. The property consists of 2.000 sqm useable area with 32 apartments and 2 retail shops on the groundfloor. Shopping Facilities as well as schools and kindergarten are in vicinity (Reinprechtsdorfer Straße). The access to the public transport is assured by the metro U4 and three bussesstations nearby.

Residential building

Postal code:   1050 Vienna
Address: Krongasse 19
Useable area: approx. 2,800 m²
Date of purchase: 09/01/2010
Current valuation: 7,495,000 Euro (02/2017)


Built in 1996 the building is located in 1050 Vienna nearby the “Naschmarkt” Vienna´s most popular market. The building consists of 42 residential units, 1 commercial space and 22 parking lots. There is a good connection to the public transport network. The U4 Station and the “Naschmarkt” are easy accessible.

Office building

Postal code:   1060 Vienna
Address: Mariahilferstraße 123
Useable area: approx. 9,400 m²
Date of purchase: 06/01/2012
Current valuation: 31,655,000 Euro (03/2017)


The building, located in 6th district of vienna, was bought on 1st of june 2012. The property consists of two elements: one element with nine floors and one with seven floors as well as an underground garage with 365 parking spaces. The property, built in 1993, is located in a popular area for working and shopping. The infrastructure with shopping facilities, schools, kindergarten is excellent. Nearby the central station "Westbahnhof" the access to the public and private traffic is very good.

Office and residential building

Postal code:   1060 Vienna
Address: Mollardgasse 21-23
Useable area: approx. 7,200 m²
Date of purchase: 11/01/2011
Current valuation: 14,320,000 Euro (04/2017)


The building is located in the Mollardgasse 21-23, in the 6th district of Vienna. The property consists of 5 buildings: three buildings with apartments, one building used for office and a retail space with two floors. The buildings with 7.200 sqm and 95 parking spaces, were built in 1990, 1995 and 2009. The property is situated in a good residential and office area. The next station for buses and the metro (U4) can be reached within a five minutes walk. In addition to shopping facilities on Wiener Naschmarkt and Mariahilfer Straße, kindergarten, schools and surgeries are nearby.

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