Office building "Fleetkontor"

Postal code:   22085 Hamburg
Address: Arndtstraße 16
Useable area: approx. 2,500 m²
Date of purchase: 08/01/2011
Current valuation: 6,440,000 Euro (03/2017)


The office building in Hamburg is situated in the district Uhlenhorst, a established area for working and living. The property was built in 1900 as a "kontorhouse" with red bricks and was fully renovated and modernized in 2005. The building with roughly 2,500 sqm consists of seven floors and 19 parking spaces. The building is mainly used for offices and is well linked to the public transport (U1 and buses). The characteristic of the property is the lovely location: next to the canal, the "Uhlenhorster Fleet", in a green and quiet area of Hamburg.

Residential-, office and retail building

Postal code:   22089 Hamburg
Address: Conventstraße 14
Useable area: approx. 4,400 m²
Date of purchase: 02/01/2014
Current valuation: 6,280,000 Euro (05/2017)


The office building (Conventstraße) with his typical red-brick architecture was built in 1960 and was revitalized within the last years. It is situated in Hamburg Eilbek, a green area nearby downtown Hamburg. The access to the public transport is assured by a metro station. 

Residential building

Postal code:   22111 Hamburg
Address: Dunckersweg 23, 31, 35, 39
Useable area: approx. 7,100 m²
Date of purchase: 10/01/2011
Current valuation: 12,122,000 Euro (01/2016)


The property is located in the district Hamburg-Mitte, part of Horn, Dunckersweg. The residential property consists of four buildings. They were built in 1954 and during the years the real estate were been renovated and the attic floor fully developed. The buildings with four floors consists of 120 apartments. The property is well linked to the public transport: the underground (station Horner Rennbahn) is 500 meters away. The station Horner Rennbahn is a hub for buses too, so there is a perfect connection to the municipal and the underground railway.

Residential-, office and retail building

Postal code:   22119 Hamburg
Address: Schiffbeker Weg 230 a-e
Useable area: approx. 6,000 m²
Date of purchase: 01/01/2014
Current valuation: 16,350,000 Euro (05/2017)
Image source: B&L Property Management


The object with his typical red-brick architecture was built in 1998. It is situated in Hamburg-Mitte, Billstedt-Öjendorf, Schiffbeker Weg. In 2013 the ground floor (shopping area) has been revitalized. The access to the public transport is assured by one bus station in front of the building.  

Residential building

Postal code:   22303 Hamburg
Address: Maacksgasse 2-8
Useable area: approx. 3,600 m²
Date of purchase: 10/01/2012
Current valuation: 9,650,000 Euro (12/2016)


The property in the Maacksgasse is located in the district of Winterhude and consits of roughly 3,500sqm. As planned the property with 57 flats was acquired in autum 2012 after a general improvement. The building is located in a residential area and is featured by the well linked public traffic and the near to the Hamburger Stadtpark.

Office building "Holsten Haus"

Postal code:   22765 Hamburg
Address: Holstenplatz 18
Useable area: approx. 11,100 m²
Date of purchase: 01/01/2014
Current valuation: 22,550,000 Euro (05/2017)



The office building "Holsten Haus" is located in the district Hamburg Altona Nord. It was built in 1992 and has 354 parking lots. There is a good connection to the public transport network. The station Holstenstraße (tram, commuter trains) is within walking distance.

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