Retail building

Postal code:   20097 Hamburg
Address: Spaldingstraße 218
Useable area: approx. 7,900 m²
Date of purchase: 01/01/2017
Current valuation: 19,145,000 Euro (10/2016)
Picture source: Dominik Reipka


The office building is located in Hamburg (Spaldingstraße). The access to the public transport is assured (urban railway, underground).

Residential and retail building

Postal code:   20249 Hamburg
Address: Eppendorfer Landstraße 61
Useable area: approx. 4,300 m²
Date of purchase: 08/01/2011
Current valuation: 14,100,000 Euro (03/2017)
Picture source: Dominik Reipka


The property consists of two residential and retail buildings, connected with a passage. The old building was constructed in 1900, the new building was built in 1984. The properties, with altogether roughly 4,300sqm on five floors and 15 parking spaces, are mainly used as residential and retail areas. Eppendorf is one of the most popular areas in Hamburg to live: nearby the city-center, in a green and exclusive environment. The building is well linked to the public transport, nearby there are bus stations and in a distance of 300m there is the metro U1 and U3.

Office building "Nomis Quartier"

Postal code:   20359 Hamburg
Address: Kleine Seilerstraße 1
Useable area: approx. 4,300 m²
Date of purchase: 10/01/2011
Current valuation: 11,855,000 Euro (04/2017)
Picture source: Dominik Reipka


The property was built in 2004 and is situated in the district St. Pauli in Hamburg, a well developed residential location in Hamburg. The building with roughly 4,400 sqm and 45 parking spaces has seven floors. The property is mainly used for office, except the ground floor, which is rented as retail space. The office location St. Pauli/ Altona is very popular for media companies and advertising agencies. The surrounding offers restaurants, cafes and theatres. The metro-station St. Pauli is just a 2 minutes walk away. The city centre can be reached within a 15 minutes walk. The airport can be reached within 20 minutes by train.

Real estate and office building "Harburg Carrée"

Postal code:   21073 Hamburg
Address: Wilstorfer Straße 48-50
Useable area: approx. 23,000 m²
Date of purchase: 07/01/2014
Current valuation: 42,350,000 Euro (04/2017)
Picture source: Dominik Reipka


 Built in 1998 the building consists of three blocks with the traditional red-brick façade. The access to the public transport is assured (urban railway, ICE).

Residential building "Heimfeld Terrassen"

Postal code:   21075 Hamburg
Address: Alter Postweg 87
Useable area: approx. 13,200 m²
Date of purchase: 15.01.2014
Current valuation: 36,400,000 Euro (05/2017)
Picture source: Dominik Reipka


The property  is located in the district Harburg in a residential area. It consists of approx. 136 residential properties and approx.114 parking spaces. All apartments have open spaces (balconies or terraces). Nearby there are a train station and various shops. 

Residential building

Postal code:   222081 Hamburg
Address: Langenrehm 37-45
Useable area: approx. 3,300 m²
Date of purchase: 05/01/2013
Current valuation: 6,850,000 Euro (10/2016)
Picture source: Dominik Reipka


The residential building was built in 1957 with red bricks (typical arcitectural style in Hamburg) and was renovated continuously. It consists of 55 units and is located in the district “Barmbek Süd. Therefore it is well linked to public transport (station Barmbek).

Office building

Postal code:   22081 Hamburg
Address: Oberaltenallee 40-44
Useable area: approx. 7,700 m²
Date of purchase: 15/04/2013
Current valuation: 26,100,000 Euro (10/2016)
Picture source: Dominik Reipka


The modern office building is located in the district "Barmbek-Süd" in the Oberaltenallee. It was built in 2009 and it is well linked to public transport (underground station Hamburger Straße). A commercial centre is loacted nearby. The “Außenalster” a well known local recreation area is also located nearby.

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